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Clients: Anheuser-Busch, Universal Studios, Schöfferhofer US, Audio Technica, Focus Features, PGA, Institute of Contemporary Art Los Angeles, TBS

Tipsy Bartender Class - Intro to Alcohol

Creative: Rebecca Whitney

Co-Producer: Skyy John

Lower Tar - Rite It Off

Music Video

Co-Director/Producer: Elran Ofir

Tipsy Bartender - TBS Wrecked Promo

Creative: Fullscreen

Cinematographer: John Rosario

Co-Producer: Skyy John

Titleist - It's A Long Way Home

Creative: Michael Dhalliwal

Cinematographer: Tor Johansen

Producer: Elran Ofir

Hotel Oswalda Hus

Client: Hotel Oswalda Hus

Cinematographer: Dennis Mill

Producer: One Shot Entertainment

Kittsona - The Chase

Creative: Tessa Hiney, Alexy Johnston

Cinematographer: Patrick Wynne

Co-Producer: Elran Ofir

PGA - What Matters Most

Creative: Maia Swift

Cinematographer: Shane Collins

Producer: Elran Ofir

Autec - Introducing Sushi Machines

Creative: Satoshi Sakanoue

Cinematographer: Patrick Wynne

Co-Producer: Elran Ofir

Paloma Rush - Drive

Music Video

Cinematographer: Tor Johanson

Producer: Lars Deutsch

School Shooting - The Musical

personal project, satire, musical


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